About Us

Our Approach


Collate and curate as accurately as possible all data on how our government structures work, starting at the most profound levels of government.

Foster accountability by combing through the specifics of government for young people.

Provide a fun, engaging civic education platform especially for young people.

Take deep looks at the districts and people across Uganda with the specific purpose of sharing it with citizens so that they can participate in their country's growth by donating towards socio-economic challenges.

Our Story

The citizen report was born of a clear and inescapable need: to create a tangible link between Ugandans and the country they belong to. And thus, a team banded together, civic educators and historians, graphic illustrators and novices. Each armed with a deep desire to build a platform through which that tangible link could be nurtured and perpetually expanded upon. A one-stop center of information on government, socio economic data and national history.

How feel about our community determines how we contribute to it. And when there is a generational shift, it trickles into all aspects of the community. We call this generational love work.

Our belief is that a civically engaged citizenry will better contribute to addressing the challenges we currently face as a country.

Our Mission

To build a civically engaged citizenry in Uganda.

The information's out there; how our country got started, what it's been through, how things should run and why the mechanics of the system MATTER to the everyday citizen.

Our mission is simple: to gather that information and disseminate it in a way that makes the connection between the civic process and the day-to-day lives of Ugandans clearer, so we can get more people involved in defining our country's future.

Our Vision

It will take years, possibly a generation, but our vision is that of a national civic culture grounded in knowledge, community, and inclusive action.

Love of country grows from within and spills over. It should not be defined by external policies and rules. TO nurture this growth, we are empowering a generation to redefine our civic narrative as a country.