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Bugiri district is found in Eastern Uganda. It was formed out of Bukooli County that once comprised Iganga district and granted District status in 1997. 

The District is bordered by Namutumba district and Butaleja in the North, Tororo in the North East, Iganga in the West, Mayuge in the South West.  Bugiri is 152 km away from the capital city Kampala.

The population size is 382913 people and the languages spoken are Lusoga and Lusamia-Lugwe.

The economic activities include: fishing, animal grazing and farming of food crops such as finger millet, cotton, bananas, peas, maize, rice, cassava and sorghum.

The lake and fishing activities at the Lugala Landing site are a potential tourist attraction. Bird watching on Siiro Island is another attraction.

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