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Buikwe District is a district in the Buganda Sub-Region of Central Uganda. It shares borders with the District of Jinja in the East, Kayunga along river Sezibwa in the North, Mukono in the West, and Buvuma in Lake Victoria.

The major language spoken in this district is Luganda and has a population of 422,771.

45% of the population is employed in both crop and livestock farming – the major crops value added being sweet potatoes Sugarcane, Coffee, Tea, Maize, beans, while 4.5% of the population is employed by industries such as SCOUL, Nile Breweries, Bujagali Energy Limited, Kasaku Tea Limited, among others. A further 0.1% is employed in the tourism sector.

It offers plenty of sights to see which include; The Source of the River Nile which forms a border between Njeru in Buikwe on the west and Jinja in the east. Also has Mabira Forest, Bujjagali Falls, Sezibwa falls in Kawolo sub county, Ssenyi landing site in Ssi-Bukunja sub county, Kiyindi landing site in Najja sub county, Rain forest hotel in Najjembe sub county, Part of Owen falls dam and River Musamya.