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Bukedea is one of the districts in the Eastern region of Uganda and was created on 13 July 2006 and became operational on 1 July 2007

It is boarded by Kumi district in the North and West, Nakapiripirit district in the Northeast, Bulambuli in the East, Sironko and Mbale Districts to the Southeast, and Pallisa District in the South.

Bukedea District has a population size of 203,600 and diversity of these ethnic groups: Bagishu, Banyole, Langi and Baganda, Basoga, Acholi, Acholi Labwor, and Bugwere; although the Iteso constitute approximately 95% of the population, making Ateso, the most spoken language. 

Bukedea District is pierced by isolated inselbergs, the most pronounced being Bukedea (Kocheka) and Kachumbala (Kongunga, Kongoidi, Komuge, Amus, Otimonga, Moru-Ateko, Kotia-Aligoi and Kongatuny). Inselburgs are a good resource for stone mining for the construction industry, are an African Monkey habitat and have caves which are attractive to tourists. They modify the micro-climate and contribute to soils fertility due to their volcanic origins.

Agriculture forms a base of the mainstream economic life of the people. Over 84% of the households are engaged in agriculture, though mainly practicing subsistence farming. Besides crop farming is animal rearing of mainly local zebu cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry.

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