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Bundibugyo district is found in the west of the Rwenzori Mountains and was part of Toro Kingdom. When the kingdoms were abolished in 1967, Toro Kingdom attained district status. In 1974, Semliki District was carved out of Toro District and in 1980 it was re-named Bundibugyo. It borders Ntoroko District to the northeast, Kibaale District to the east, Kabarole District to the southeast, and the DRC to the west and north.

The population in this district as of 2014 stood at 224,387 people and the major languages spoken here are Lukhonzo, Kwamba and Lubwisi.

It is the largest producer of Cocoa in Uganda, accounting for unprocessed beans worth UGX:90 billion annually, as of 2014.

While in Bundibugyo, be sure to visit Semuliki National Park that is one of Uganda’s smallest safari destinations. Lying within the Albertine Rift, the western arm of the Great Rift Valley; it is included within the Eastern Afro montane biodiversity hot spot.

Visitors can also see Semuliki Game Reserve, Mt Ruwenzori National park, Ngithe falls, Buranga Hot Springs.