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Kyegegwa district is part of the Toro sub-region in the western region of Uganda and was created by an act of the Ugandan Parliament, on 1 July 2009. Before then, the district was part of Kyenjojo District. The district  neighbors Mubende District in the West, Kiruhura in the South, Kibaale in the North, Kyenjojo in the North-West and Kamwenge in the South West. The district hosts the third largest refugee settlement population in Western Uganda, after Isingiro and Kikuube districts. The major language spoken is Rutoro.

The host population of the district amounted to 475,600, as of January 2021 whereas the refugee settlement population, as of 30th April 2021, amounted to 124,961 people, with majority living in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement. It is 253km via Mityana road from Kampala.

Nationals in neighbouring villages are largely subsistence farmers belonging to two main ethnic communities, the Batooro and Bakiga.