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Mitooma district found in the Ankole sub region used to be Ruhinda County in Bushenyi District was created by Act of Parliament and became functional on 1 July 2010. It is bordered by Bushenyi District to the north, Sheema District to the east, Ntungamo District to the south, and Rukungiri District to the west.

The population of Mitooma District is 183,444 according to the 2014 National Population and Housing Census and the major language spoken is Runyankole. it is 347.8km via Mbarara – Masaka road from Uganda’s capital city Kampala.

92.1% of households in Mitooma District are engaged in crop growing, with 78.3% growing beans, 56.7% sweet potatoes and 52.3% matooke while 64.8%  of house holds are engaged in livestock farming.

Places to see once in Mitooma district are Queen Elizabeth National Park which is known for its wild life including; the African Elephant, the African buffalo, the Ugandan kob, Hippopotamus, the topi, waterbucks, warthogs, the giant forest hog, the nile crocodile, leopards and lions. The other place is the Kazinga Channel.