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Formerly the “Karamoja Province”, it was split in 1971 to create Moroto District, from which Nakapiripirit District would later be carved. Moroto is bordered by Kaabong District to the North, Kenya to the East, Amudat District to the South, Nakapiripirit District to the Southwest, Napak District to the West, and Kotido District to the northwest.

The district is about 434 kilometers by road from Kampala, and has a population of 53,686.

Moroto is inhabited by two tribes: the Karimojong in the rangelands, and the Tepeth who live in the mountains of Moroto and Napak. The main language spoken is Ngakarimojong.

The people are engaged in cattle rearing and subsistence agriculture, growing food crops such as sorghum, maize, finger millet, peas, g-nuts, sunflower, sweet potatoes and beans.

Tourists may visit the Matheniko Game Reserve and Mt. Moroto. The Magosian culture has many beautifully fashioned quartz tools resembling the tools of the Stillbay Stone Age culture of Somaliland. Statistics on Moroto