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Napak District is found in Northeastern Uganda, and was carved out of Moroto District in 2010. It shares borders with five districts: Kotido to the North, Otukei and Abim to the Northwest, Katakwi to the West, Moroto to the East and Nakapiripirit to the South.

Named after Mount Napak, the district has a population of 142,224 people. It is 418 km by road from Kampala, and its main town is Lokiteded Town Council. The people speak the Ngakarimojong language.

The Karimojong here are the main inhabitants of the rangelands, while the Tepeth live on the mountains of Napak. These two groups share socio-economic practices like agropastpralism, subsistence crop production and semi-nomadic livestock rearing; but there are still some differences in their cultures.

Other economic activities here are: local brewing, stone quarrying and charcoal trade.

Places to visit in Napak include: Mt. Napak, Kamalingo Forest and Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. Statistics of Napak.