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Omoro District in Northern Uganda was created by the Parliament of Uganda in 2015, but only became operational in July 2016. Prior to this, Omoro which comprises of two counties: Omoro and Tochi, was part of Gulu district.

The district is part of the Acholi sub-region; bordered by Gulu District to the North, Pader District to the East, Oyam District to the South and Nwoya District to the West.

It’s main town, Palenga, is also where the district headquarters are located. The District headquarters is 311 km by road from Uganda’s capital, Kampala. The major language spoken here is Acholi.

Omoro District has a total population is 190,534. The people are engaged in semi-intensive agriculture, trade and commerce, as well as lumbering. The crops grown in Omoro are soya beans, cassava, beans, maize and sunflower. See statistics here.