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Serere District is found in Eastern Uganda, and is named after its main town, where the district headquarters are located. It became functional in July 2010, after being taken out of Soroti District.

The town is approximately 278 km from Kampala via Ngora-Pallisa, and approximately 360 Kilometres via Soroti-Mbale. Serere district lies within the Lake Kyoga Basin.

Here, the population comes to 285, 903 people, and the commonly spoken language is Ateso – also the main ethnic group.

Tourists may visit Lake Kyoga where the shoe bill stock, fox weaver and other birds species can be found. The Bugondo and Ogera hills provide an exciting hiking experience.

Agriculture is the main economic activity; while trade, manufacturing are ,also practiced on a smaller scale. Some crops cultivated here include sweet potatoes, cassava, sorghum, millet, maize, rice, groundnuts and cowpeas. Mangoes, cotton and sunflower are also grown.

Some locals are engaged in clay and sand mining, as well as stone quarrying. Statistics on Serere