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Carved out of Mbale District in the year 2000, Sironko District in the Eastern part of Uganda forms part of Masaba land/Bugisu headed by Umukuka, with a cosmopolitan population of 246,636. Tribes of people in the district include Badadiri, Babuya, Baduda, Bafumbo, Bagwere, Bawalasi, Babukusu, Baganda, Kuku-sabinyi and Atesot.

The commonly spoken language is Lugisu, and Sironko is 276 km by road from Kampala.

Majority of households engage in subsistence farming. Cash and food crops grown are coffee, bananas, beans, maize and ground nuts. Livestock raring is also done on a small scale.

Other economic activities carried out in Sironko include; trading, forestry, industry, tourism, metal works and fabrication, transportation, agro-processing industry. There is mining along River Sironko and its tributaries, as well as stone quarrying mostly in Buwalasi and Bukhulo.

Part of Mt. Elgon National Park lies within Sironko District, with the Sasa trial (one of the two main) starting near the Budadiri trading center. Read Soronko District statistics here.