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Soroti District is found in the Eastern region of Uganda, bordering Kamuli, Serere, Kaberamaido, Kumi, Amuria and Katakwi districts. The language majorly spoken here is Ateso, and it is from it that the district derives its name. The Ateso word “solot”, translates to “a big rock”, as the one located in Soroti main town. Kuman is also a language that’s spoken alongside Ateso.

The district has a population of 296,833, and is 290.2 km by road from Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Agriculture is the most practiced economic activity, accounting for 76% of the population’s participation. Crops grown are cassava, sweet potatoes, sorghum, ground nuts and simsim.  At the market place in Soroti town, metalsmiths refashion scrap metal from car remains and metal drums to make cooking pots and other house hold items. A testament to the ingenuity of the people.

The district also hosts the Soroti Fruit Processing Factory that’s been in operation since 209. The venture is a collaboration between Uganda Development Operation and Teso Tropical Fruit Growers Cooperative Union.

When in Soroti, be sure to visit the Soroti Rock, a volcanic formation that towers above the city center. Once there at its top, you can also enjoy spectacular views of Lake Kyoga and Mt. Elgon.

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