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Tororo District is found in the Eastern region of Uganda and has a population of 517,080 with 250,830 male population at 49%, and 51% female population of 266,250. Formerly known as Bukedi, Tororo is one of the districts already existed by independence. The district then consisted of what is the present-day Pallisa and Busia districts. Only in 1980 did it become formerly known as Tororo district.

Major languages spoken here are Japhadola, Ateso, Lusamya, Lugwere, Lunyole and Swahili.

Tourist hotspots in Tororo District include the Tororo Rocks where many tourists can be guided on a rock climbing adventure to the top of the imposing boulders. Visitors may also see the Tororo airstrip. Tororo town is 210 km from Kampala, by road.

With moderate rainfall and sandy rock soil, millet and cassava crops thrive best in Tororo climate. The district has the highest cassava production in the region, and bringing in about 174,964 tonnes annually. Other crops grown on a smaller scale include maize, sorghum, simsim, sunflower, beans and bananas.

Tororo is also an industrial district and cement is famously manufactured here. Other goods manufactured are corrugated iron sheets, fertilizers, fungicides, laundry soap, among others. More on Tororo