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Zombo is one of the districts making up the West Nile sub-region, in the North-Western part of Uganda. Created out of the larger Northern Nebbi district in 2010, Zombo was originally known as Okoro County.

The district is made of up of several tribes, with the largest, Alur, making up 90% of the 240,081 population. Zombo is also often referred to as the food basket of West Nile region due to its fertile soils.

Farming coffee and tea cash crops is a major economic activity here, but the people also famously practice beekeeping and sell honey, another West Nile staple. Zombo is approximately 383 km by road from Uganda’s capital Kampala, and the main language spoken is Alur.

Tourists in the area may visit the burial grounds of the Alur Cultural Institution, at Atiak Sub County, Nyagak Hydro Power Dam and the Ngbu-ngbu Falls. More on Zombo District here.