Programme Implementation Action Plans

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A programme here refers to a group of related interventions that are intended to achieve common outcomes within a specified timeframe. Programmes were identified on the basis of key development issues that need to be addressed to achieve the overall goal, objectives of NDP III along with corresponding strategies of NDP III and aspirations towards achievement of the Uganda Vision 2040.

They fall under the Programme Implementation Action Plan (PIAP) which provides details of the activities and resources required to deliver the programme targets.

PIAPs arose from a restructuring in the implementation of the third National Development Plan (NDP III), which saw a move away from relying on Sectoral Plans (which focused on individual sectors of the economy under previous NDPs), with the aim of achieving coordinated planning, and implementation across the 18 national programmes, under the NDP III. As a result, it was hoped that this shift from relying on Sectoral plans to the PIAPs would ensure sustainability and mutual accountability, across the varying programmes under the NDP III.

They form the basis for developing Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) and Local Government (LG) strategic plans.